Easy Ways to Lower Your Bill

shower faucetYou’ll be surprised at just how easy it is to save electricity in your home -- and how much money you can save in the process. Explore incentive programs. The Ontario Power Authority offers a number of incentive programs to help you save on your energy costs. Take advantage of lower Time of Use rates. Try setting your dishwasher or washing your clothes after 7:00pm or on weekends. Sign up for Customer Connect and you can monitor your electricity consumption throughout the month. Don't heat when you're not at home. In winter, turn the heat down a couple of degrees when you're not at home. Even if your home is heated with gas or oil, you'll reduce the cost of operating the furnace fan. Don't cool when you're not at home. Set your air conditioner a few degrees higher than you normally would, and turn it off when no-one is home. Making wise use of your air conditioner will have the biggest impact on your summer energy bill. Shower instead. Take a quick shower instead of a bath. A typical bath uses about 75 litres of hot water, while a five-minute shower with an energy efficient showerhead will use about half that amount. Try the Energy Cost Calculator for Appliances. Use this interactive calculator to determine how much energy your appliances use on a daily basis. Click here to try the calculator.

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The Ontario Power Authority's website, Save on Energy, is an excellent online resource to learn how you can reduce your energy consumption.