Overhead Power Lines

Touching overhead or downed power lines can cause a life-threatening accident. Use extreme caution at all times and if there is ever any doubt of the safety of the situation, contact our 24/7 emergency response line at 519 631-0311.

Avoid downed power lines. If you see a power line down, do not touch it -- or anything in contact with it. Call St. Thomas Energy Inc. immediately at 519 631-0311.

Don't touch anyone who is in contact with a downed line. If you encounter an individual who is in contact with a downed power line, regardless of whether they are conscious or not, do not touch them. Call 911.

Be careful when on the roof. When working on a roof or near overhead power lines never touch the power lines. Be particularly careful when working with long metal ladders to ensure that they do not contact the power lines.

Call us first. If a kite, tree limb or other object gets stuck in a power line, do not attempt to remove it yourself. Call St. Thomas Energy Inc. to do it.

Let us do the trimming. If you have a tree on your property that is coming in contact with overhead power lines, do not attempt to trim it yourself. Please inquire about our free tree trimming service.

More Information

To read more about power line safety, visit the Electrical Safety Authority's Power Line Safety website.