Our Leaders

Ron Osborne

John Laverty, CEO St. Thomas Energy Inc. / CEO Ascent (Acting)

John has 30 years of leadership experience in strategic planning and organizational development of large corporations and 20 years of experience in the governance of Utilities and other corporations. John is a certified Executive and Life Coach and currently serves as chair of the Ascent Group Inc. Board.

Gary Tobin, President and Chief Operating Officer

Gary has experience in all aspects of the Ontario energy marketplace including electricity distribution, municipalities energy purchasing, servicing industries and working with large electricity generators.  He has a unique blend of technical, business, financial and market knowledge and has managed operations in both regulated and competitive businesses.  Gary has participated on OEB and IESO committees such as the Retail Settlements Code, Distribution Rates Handbook, Day Ahead Commitment Process, Spare Generation On-line, retail transmission rate design, retail generation, Market Readiness Task Force and the Service Agreement Committee. During his career Gary has provided professional advice for business process and IT system changes, business development, energy purchasing strategies, renewable generation projects, IESO bidding and dispatch services, energy tracking/reporting and energy conservation.  Recently he has been involved with the CEA/Measurement Canada joint working group for complex measurement implementation.

Jennifer Shannon-Mousseau, Director of Customer Service

Jennifer has more than 38 years of experience in the electrical sector, including 18 years with St. Thomas Energy Inc. Leading the Customer Service and Billing departments, her teams were instrumental in helping more than 16,500 customers make the transition to Smart Meters and Time of Use rates.

Tracy Collins, Director of Engineering and Operations

Tracy has worked in the electric distribution business for 25 years with experience in electric/water system design, mapping, revenue metering for IESO and distribution applications, smart meter systems, Conditions of Service, MV90 & SCADA systems and project management. He also brings extensive experience in the areas of regulatory compliance for the OEB/IESO/Measurement Canada and quality management programs such as ISO 9000 and QMS. He is a graduate of Resource Engineering Technology, is certified as a Journeyman Meter Technician and an Electronics Technician.

Rob Kent, Vice President of Finance and Regulatory Affairs

A Certified General Account (CGA), Rob has been involved in the electricity industry since 1998. Rob’s experience includes providing financial and regulatory leadership to an electric utility and a public water utility as well as financial support for various renewable energy projects.