Easy Ways To Lower Your Bill

thermostat You’ll be surprised at just how easy it is to better manage your electricity usage — and how much money you can save in the process. Explore incentive programs. The Ontario Power Authority offers a number of incentive programs to help you save on your energy costs. Don't pay for what you don't use. Have a look around your business for any unnecessary electricity use. Is your air conditioner on high and the front door open? Are computers left on overnight when they're not being used? Turning equipment down or off when it's not needed means you only pay for what you use. Make the time shift. See if there are ways you can shift energy-intensive activities to off-peak hours to take advantage of Time of Use rates. Prices are the lowest on weekdays between 7pm and 7am and all day on weekends. Look for incentives. St. Thomas Energy Inc. offers energy-efficiency programs to help businesses reduce electricity demand. Contact us to see if you qualify. Track your energy use. Monitoring your energy use from bill to bill will also help you get a better sense of how to manage your electricity costs. The Ontario Energy Board provides a breakdown of the complete electricity bill.

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The Ontario Power Authority's website, Save on Energy, is an excellent online resource to learn how to reduce your energy consumption.